Welcome to Designs R-Up, what we do is to design for the future with respect to the past,
we're a design company that's been around for 25years and we really love couture clothing
but people  today are more into a relax mode of jeans and a white tee and maybe a jacket -
which is truly a very good look. Here at Designs R-Up we've taken it a step further with the
introduction of three unique designs, which are all of puff printing which really gives the designs
dimension and depth.

   (THE NARRATIVE style 870)

YES-I've been in Love, more than once and from being in Love I've either hurt, cried or lost,
but now . . . .            (see style 871 which simply states, I've Learned to be into me, or you
could just pick it up from---but now and redeem your own feelings or attitude).

  (I'VE LEARNED 2B N2 ME style 871)

For those of you who really don't get it, we're saying I've Learned to be into me, which is a
play on words letting people know that for whatever reason or reasons you're at a certain
place in your life due to lifes past experiences or relationships
and right now,it's all about
you.   (the games have

            (N2 MUSIC VIA JAZZ style 872)

Music people, people music. Yes, for the love of music some people have been swayed to
make all types of decisions or even career moves - because of a type of music and some of us
have many, there are those of us were JAZZ reigns supreme, that's why we choose to wear
the design that  simply says that we are Into music by way of  jazz. (
for those of us who
have a great
passion for jazz)

DESIGNS R-Up was included into Who's Who Worldwide in 1994 which was a real honor
and for the many men who wear DESIGNS R-Up or about to start wearing DESIGNS R-Up
(NOTE OF IMPORTANCE): the one complaint that we've had is that
wives or girlfriends
have taken their guys shirts for themselves --- men you've been warned. Before we close we'd
also like to mention the fact that our designs have been seen in some of  the worlds most
exotic places, there are those who wear DESIGNS R-Up at vacation time for a trip and those
of us who'd wear DESIGNS R-Up to the shopping mall so for whatever the reason, know for
sure that each design adapts to each wearer because on display is either your feelings or your
attitude. All three designs are UNISEX and made of 100% cotton.

P.S. As mentioned earlier about a great look, try this one on for size - one of the three
designer tops from DESIGNS  R-Up with your favorite pair of worn or even very torn jeans,
sandals and sunglasses. It's your life, you tell it:
(you will be asked)
      DESIGNS R-Up
                                                          (EST. 1987)    celebrating 25-years